Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This summer I will get a month long holiday and I’m planning now itself for it .i searched for a number of places in the world and my senior who s in Italy for a project suggested me to take a tour of Italy he is in Italy for almost 6 months and he’s not coming back to home land because of the sheer beauty of Italy. He told me that Italy is known for its landscape and artistic legacy. There you can spend time for just seeing the beauty of the nature itself. It is such a good place that even the buildings have such a legacy. Also Italy is the home for many famous painters and artists so we can have a great sight of those paintings and sculptures said my senior that I can’t spend many days in Italy as I have to go to other countries in Europe too. So he suggested me Tuscan region of Italy.
I thought of going to only a part of Italy and spend some quality time there so I decided to go to Tuscan region as per my seniors advice I searched the net for Tuscany tourist information and thoroughly searched for all information’s about that place and I got one quality site for nice holiday apartments in Lucca which has many old churches and cathedrals in it and it has a great religious importance for the catholic’s. My father said instead of renting hotels we can search for any rural homes to rent near Lucca as it will be cheap and we can explore the inner parts of the town and can get greater depth in the beauty of the town. Also I heard that the tower of Pisa is near to Lucca and it is also in Tuscan region so I thought of rent holiday accommodation close to Pisa so that I can spend some quality time there .so friends if you want to go for a holiday in Italy there are many Tuscany holiday villas there so you can stay in it and explore the beauty of Italy in a very affordable rate .Wish you a beautiful holiday season cheers.

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Rachael said...

Would love to go to Pisa - it's on my ever expanding list of must-visits!

I've booked through Holiday Lettings before. Looks like they've got plenty of places in Pisa too.

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