Monday, July 7, 2008

happiest day

Hi friends last Friday was happiest day in my life i got ma final results from Anna University and at last I became an engineer huh u guys would not have known how much stress and hardships I have undergone in the last four years phew. But everything has now changed all my hard works has been rewarded .so i went to velankanni for a thanks giving to god.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


e-waste is nothing but electronic wastes a type consisting of broken or unwanted electronic items such as hard disk mother board or any ic's or due to any electronic appliances these wastes are hazardous because they don’t degrade easily even if they degrade the lead and mercury in it will harm the environment most of the e wastes are not bio degradable in Kenya alone it is estimated that 3000 tons of pc's are dumped in India also due to the growing it field lots and lots of pc's and other electronic components are dumped nowadays the only way to stop this is re use it for maximum time and don’t buy the things which are not recyclable.

sucker mouth cat fish(Hypostomus plecostomus)

This fish is peculiar and it is known as sucker mouth fish and I have one in my aquarium it generally grazes for food in the bottom of tank and today it ate food pellets floating in water upside down it also swam upside down wow what a rare sight I couldn’t capture it on camera but one day I will upload the photo.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

major mitchelle cockatoo(Lophocroa leadbeateri)

Hi friends from today onwards I will put post about one exotic pet everyday to start with couple of days before I heard about lead beaters cockatoo or major Mitchell cockatoo then I surfed the net about it and found many fascinating details about it .actually this is the only variety of cockatoos which lacks melanin carotene in its body resulting in lighter coloration these birds originate from Australia of course result of evolution from the mainland cut off from continents it favors woody lands and probably acclaimed universally as most beautiful of all cockatoos and parrots surprisingly my friend has bought this exciting birds couple of days before I’m proud that a Chennai lad has bought this and heard from him that his price is whooping 11 lakh rupees phew ! it is listed as endangered species in Victorian province and only few has this bird as pet in the whole world and only a less than hundred specimens only available now kudos to binu .

strike across india

From today onwards lorry and container owners declared a strike due to demand in diesel off late the government didn't take steps in meeting out oil demand and prices of commodities have raised to 50% its price also normal life of the people is largely affected so what’s the remedy ? As many environmentalists say reduce the amount of energy consumption anything from oil or electricity so friends use cycle to cars and use CFL bulbs to incandescent lamps don’t waste water.

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