Monday, October 6, 2008


Hi friends for two weeks I have been suffering from severe tooth ache and wonder y I got this and went to a dentist he told that I have an extra growth in the molar part and that’s why the pain. Also he suggested that u should take care of your teeth’s well and should check with the dentist regularly as we go for health checkup. The modern culture makes to eat so many sweets and junk foods which are not only harmful for health but also to the tooth’s as well and also we don’t have much time to brush 2 or 3 times a day in this hectic schedules we have to visit the dentist regularly and should clean our mouth.
I recently came across an article which has a plan which is alternative to insurance .it is called Ameriplan and it has special discounts for its subscribers on dental and medical checkups. They have tie ups with many hospitals and they will give u a lot of offers on health checkups they have a lot of medical programs every month and we can use it when we are subscribed. It not only has medical camps but also dental camps. There is a lot of offers and discounts given by Ameriplan and by using it we can get our dental wellness periodically. They also will schedule programs on when and where to get check ups and they have tie ups with many hospitals so that you can gat checked in your nearest place. So friends sign up this website and have a healthy life.

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