Monday, September 29, 2008

hectic life

Life has become so mechanical now a days in the morning I get up and do some work on line then I go to gym and in the afternoon I go for my software classes way up to some 28 miles and have classes for three hours and return back to the house at 20.00 hours and then i have to study for the next days class and I have no time to enjoy the life these days. No time to see a movie or to spare some time with friends what a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reverse mobile phone lookups

Here is my second review on phone look ups. My sister asked me details about how to find address of unknown mobile numbers as she gets many missed calls and can’t keep track of it every day. So I searched the net and got this site on Mobile Phone Reverse Lookup. this site has many facilities and it covers a huge data on the mobile numbers of all states in USA .I thought it is very useful and so I share this with you friends.

i pod touch

This new iPod touch is my latest craze and friends look at this it is so thin and it has all the features that a phone has but it is not a phone. It has a huge memory, Bluetooth, wi-fi etc and more than that its music quality is so high that no one can beat. It is fully touch sensitive and it also has accelerator in it .we can listen to internet radio , view videos and much more .kudos to Steve jobs and I’m dreaming this of daily and hope to get it one day.

sexual predator locator

Hello my dear blogger friends and readers today I have an important post for you all. In this modern generation young kids never listen to the elders and their culture and habits are changing from worse to worst. As a result many criminals like psychopaths and sex offenders keep increasing day by day. The main concern is on less populated states where these criminals are increasing rapidly. in order to prevent yourself from these criminals signup to this site and get a clear information about the Sexual Predators and their address, nicknames ,photographs etc. so signup today itself and be safe.

first cup of tea

Hi to all first experiences are always special like your first poem or your first bicycle riding experience etc Likewise yesterday my mom went to her native place and so I was left alone in my house and there was nobody to cook so I took the tea powder and tried to make a cup of tea and to my luck it came with success and the tea tasted so good I cant believe that in first time itself it came .

reverse cell phone lookups

Hi friends, a very good morning to all. Here I have an interesting post about call look ups .this website helps you to find the complete address of a phone number. This will be helpful to all especially for business people for those every call is an important one. This site also offers facilities like Reverse Cell Phone Lookups by having this facility we can find the address of the phone number as well as prevent the tele callers from disturbing us by removing our complete detail from any public site. This will be of great help to all those in need of a phone look up. Just click this site and get benefitted.

Friday, September 26, 2008

worse to worst

Things are becoming more worse as HSBC axed 1000 jobs around the world and many big software companies have axed their current job opportunities day by day .yesterday a big software firm in India has axed some 2000 employees and it clearly shows the inflation rate and global economic position my worries are increasing day by day as I don’t have a job currently and I’m very much afraid of the future.


Good evening friends. I have an interesting post about automobile world. I am very happy to write a post on vehicles like suv s because I also own one. These cars are very fun to ride and it gives a real enjoyment when it is driven on long journeys and in tough roads .The king of all suv s is land rover. LandRover are very superb cars that are sold at a very low price and also very affordable. These land rovers are very nice cars to ride. This esteemed company has been started very long before and is being in the field for many years. This land rover company has made impressions in many countries. These cars are very high range cars. Everyone likes to own a big car like it and I have a site which will give you a lot of information about LandRover and its owner’s experiences and accessories and it also arranges for its subscribers small get-togethers and a lot of cool stuff about these cars. It’s a very prestigious one to have such a car. If you want to know about any of the cars that land rover produce, you can know it at this website. So my dear blogging friends please take some time to visit this website and know more about LandRover. Hope you would like to buy a land rover today itself. Have a nice day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I recently saw the film blood diamond starring my favorite caprio. I wonder what is blood diamond and asked some of my scholar friends and also searched the net and I found that diamonds from the African continents are sold to others in exchange of weapons and it is used for killing civilians in war .many of the western Africa still have civil war and the diamonds which are traded illegally contains blood of many peoples in it. They are also called conflict diamond .so friends if you ever buy a diamond related things make sure they are clean.

child molesters

Good morning to people around the world today I have an interesting and important post to you all. In recent times due to changing culture the behavior and habits of the people is becoming worse and worse. Child molestation is increasing all over America and popular personalities are also alleged with this. So people I give this site so that you can be aware of them and it has all the information s about Texas Child Molesters and by going through this site you can keep reach out of them.


hi friends as I don’t have a job for the past four months I was wasting time for searching jobs and this software industries also went down on the mean time and Lehman brothers sucked this had a very big effect in the market so I decided to study something and I’m now into sap. For the pasty three days I’m learning it.


Friends who love pets I have a good news for you a great lover of pets and I have a lot of pets in my home from dogs, birds to fishes for the past 18 years .from my experience In keeping dogs they are a very good companion and there is no doubt about it and we have to take care of it very well because they are prone to disease quickly. We have to administer vaccines at the correct time and have to feed it with right food to keep the dogs healthy .and some variety of dogs need attention daily and they need more care .if we didn’t see it for a couple of days they become ill and will make the place nasty and will become ferocious. It is also necessary to give training to dogs so that they become tame and will be friendly .even though we spend a lot of time in taking care of our dogs certain disease will attack them .continuous tearing is one of them. It is the dogs eye will tear continuously and those tears will make a stain in their eyes which will make our pets ugly .I also had an experience of it with my dog and I used Angel Eyes Pet Tear Stain Eliminator . this medicine is so effective and it removed the stains quickly it is also effective for cats. So friends if you have a pet buy this medicine and keep it with you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hi friends today my post is about diet pills I write this because I m a little bit fat and I want to reduce my weight to get better looks like me many people use more diet pills for various reasons as they tend to have more stress on their weights. Especially for the people who work in software firms they eat more junk foods and so they get more fat in their body. So to reduce the fat content, one can get more advice in which medicine to buy from internet. Many of them eat more oily products in their daily diet which makes their life miserable. So as a result they get fat in their body. So they feel stressed that they are not good and don’t have a good physique. Here comes a medicine lipovox which helps to reduce fat. This is a fat burner offered to reduce fat by the company. There are many products offered by this website, but this lipovox is a real popular product. So friends have a visit to this website and know more about lipovox and reduce your weight and become slim enough to attract.

car loan

Nowadays everyone has many dreams. Dreams are shattered in many ways. For a middle class family, the main aim is running the family with no pressure. But this is not possible. Many of them have many likings. Not all are fulfilled. We need sufficient amount of money to invest in anything we want. Many of the middle class families have a dream about getting a car. There are many websites here to give away loans to get autos. But only some of the websites are pleased by customers. This is because the interest rates of these websites are too low. So that people can get money as well as they can return in given time constraint. This website provides many Bad credit car loans to many customers. This website also gives auto loans in very easy steps. All you have to do is, just visit this website and register yourself in the portal. Then after some steps you can be eligible for getting a car loan. Because of this website many of the dreams are becoming true. Thanks to the websites like these. So friends take a visit to this website and so you can get a car loan. Have a nice day friends.

debt consolidation

Friends today my review is about debt writing this because my neighborhood friend told me about it yesterday. Actually he already has loan on his house and some other personal loans from different banks and he couldn’t pay some of those so approached a new agent and he told about debt consolidation scheme .That is a single bank will consolidate all the loans and will arrange for a lump amount and will settle those loans and then a new loan is started in that bank. It sounds cool and I searched on the net about it and found a site which gives consolidated debt for personal debts, credit card debts and other credit repair and tax liable problems. This site has a great amount of experience in giving consolidated debts and it has many schemes for consolidated debts. So one need not fear about loans anymore because this site has all he information’s easily available on it and its free also. We can select from different plans like if we have only tax problem and if the problem is only with credit card debt or some personal loans it has plans for everything. The main aim of this site is to make its users debt free humans. So friends give this website a try and repay all your debts quickly. Have a debt free life.


Hi people .today my post is about an important one it is the insurance .long times back it was considered as a waste of money and many didn’t insure their properties and lives also as there was not much awareness about it. But as people got educated they became well aware of it and now almost every one gets insured for their properties and lives. The only way to secure our properties and to ensure the well being of our family members is to get insured. Now days there are many insurance companies and all of them are doing well and also helps a lot of people to recover their property and life’s. I have an interesting review about a site which gives insurance to life, car, home etc.It is one of the best sites and it has tie up with many insurance companies .since it is not a insurance company it does not sell out its policies .the main job of this site is to calculate the insurance amount and type and refer to its user the correct insurance company that suits him. This website does all sorts of analysis of different insurance companies and they refer the best companies and banks like metlife, allstate etc.All these companies are renowned and the name itself gives you a point. So friends if you are not insured for yourself or any of your properties go and try this site and get insured. Have a good day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


All of us want to live happy and never think about death but we never asked this question what is going to happen to me after death and how will be our first night in the grave. We don’t even prepare for our death we simply enjoy the life on earth and do all sort of bad things and sins and we don’t even know who all will cry for us and how long will they remember us after our death. So friends the only way to reach the so called heaven and to last for long is do good things have your heart clean and live every moment truly. Don’t cheat yourself and others. The only one thing we will get after death is this piece of land may be not in near future.


Hi friends since I got a lot of response for my previous post on cash advance loans I’m writing this post I searched for more and more sites on cash advance and got a site for first cash advance. This website offers many payday loans for their customers. They help in various ways to help the customers who are in need of the payday loans. It happens to anyone unexpected bills, late penalties and last minute expenses at that time we cannot go and borrow money from friends or pawn shop. So this is really a nice portal for getting loans. Many of them want to pay their bills on time before their payday. So this payday loans help to fetch them what the desire. Also the main reason for all the customers who wants loans from this website is that they can get loans at a speedy phase. Because they sanction loan in short time period. They also have very low interest rates. For all this reason I would recommend this website if anyone needs a payday loan. Whenever customers are in need of help this website has been a support and many of the customers have given positive review about their customer satisfaction. So friends please take some time to visit this most interesting website and know more about loans which in turn help you to get payday loans.

credit cards

Hi friends, here is an interesting post on credit card reviews. Now a days as more and more people are rushing into the various multi-national companies, there is a serious urge among the people working over there to own a credit card. Credit card actually helps people in buying all sorts of new things that you weren’t able to before. I recently came to know a web site where we can apply for the best credit cards online. The best part is that this website will give us a choice of credit cards like visa credit cards ,platinum one ,master card etc from which we can select our own favorite credit card. The whole process is being made in only three steps. The first think is researching, that is we users are allowed to research on which type of credit cards that we are looking for. The next step is to comparison. Here we can compare various credit card offers hat will best suit our needs. The final step is the process of applying instantly for the credit cards that we have chosen with an online application. Moreover they have conducted lot of surveys on low interest cards, bad credit cards, cash back cards, instant approval cards etc... So friends why wasting time in visiting various banks for selecting and buying a credit card, just log on and start applying a new credit card .


Friends here I give a website that provides car insurance. Many of them own a car nowadays. In today’s world many accidents take place in the highways. During these accidents many of them get their new cars damaged. The owner gets more stressed when their beloved cars get damaged in accidents, because the money needed to spend is very more. The first thing the auto insurance companies see is the customers driving history. If they have done any accidents then it is difficult to get insured. So here comes a website that helps to get insurance for our cars. There are cars they get insurance very easily and there are also cars that don’t get insurance very easily. But this website helps a lot their customers to get repaired there car through insurances. This website provides many articles that help customers to get more insurance rates. The SUV cars are very difficult to get insured as they are high priced and high end cars. So friends you can also get the advice from this website on insurance rates for different types of cars so that you can get your car insured today itself in this company. Hope you all like this post friends. Please visit this site and have an enjoyable day.


Hello friend’s good morning. I have an interesting post on mortgages. My friends thought to start a business which needs an office that can accompany 15 computers in a place. Then he searched an office for his kind and got it. But the main problem is that only office is given only on lease in which he needed a lump sum amount. Then he was so happy that he got an office in my choice but not so happy as he didn’t had the amount in which he needs to invest. I suggested him to take loan as it was just lease. Then only we came to know about these mortgages loans. Mortgage interest rates are extremely important when getting your first home loan. We need to research and compare the loan rates, and distinguish my friend’s personal needs. We started searching for home loan and Home Loan Rates in the internet. We got a website which gives complete information about mortgages . They also give loans at lower rates. It also gives information of calculating interest on loan which is very much easier as they gave in different ways to calculate. This site provides today’s mortgage rate information and news related to current and how to find low mortgage rates from leading home loan lenders across United States. My friend is so happy. He got home loan and started his business. We started referring this site to our friends too which helped us in our needs. So friends take a visit to this website and know more about mortgages.

cash advance payday loans

Hi friends good morning .All of us in the world are in need of money and sometimes we don’t have money at the time of need at that time we need money to just overcome the hurdle for the time being for that we need loans. No one in this world have sufficient money everyone will get a loan at some point in life .so I come here with a post which gives u cash advance .this site offers absolutely unsecured short term cash advance until your pay day. So this must be helpful to cover small unexpected expenses without avoiding costly and UN bounced check fees. This site gives you an absolute freedom in choosing the loan amount and it is absolutely a faxless payday is purely an online money lending site and we don’t need to send any documents in fax also when you are qualified for loan it will be credited to your savings account or checking account. It is fully an electronic deposit so there is no chance of delay or middle man. The only thing to qualify for this site to get a loan is you should have a monthly income of $1000 or more and a bank account. So friends in need of loans try this website and have a money filled day.

Monday, September 22, 2008

transperant butterfly

This picture I got from my friend through e mail and I searched for it in the net and found several interesting facts about it .This butterfly is from south America and it is one of a kind and it is perfectly camouflaged to cope up with the environment. Moreover it is very nice to see butterfly of this kind.


Hi people good morning here is a post for all same sex lovers. I’m not a great fan of the same sex love but I’m not against it to be frank it’s the peoples own interest and we should not restrict them or be partial to them. Here I give u a site for all Texas Lesbians. This is a great site and one can find an eligible mate in this site by chatting and also we can fix a date using this website .so ladies from Texas who see this post go and give it a try.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hi people today is world peace day at this day every one in the world is asked for a full day of peace and ceasefire and in this day a bell is rung in UN headquarters it is called peace bell .hope this world soon becomes a place of peace. Say no to violence and weapons. Have a peaceful day.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Stock market crash

Yesterday the stock market in India crashed and it shows that the economy of the world is not stable .in U S A Lehman brothers had a big crisis and they are in the verge of bankrupt. Also the Aig bank had some back logs which have a huge effect on the economies of developing nations all the industries like real estate and software industry has to suffer because of this .hope this situation will recover soon.

website reviews

Hi friends from south Africa I have an interesting and useful post for you all. If you own an website or a blog it will be really helpful for you .it is always good to have some one review our works so that we can improve it like wise to improve our website we need good Website Reviews . the reviews only make us to improve more and more for that you need a good site here is one which is one among the Top South African Websites and you can get quality reviews from it. It also allows its users to have discussion through forums. So friends give it a try.

Sad demise

Yesterday my two marble angels died suddenly and I was wondering why did it died suddenly because it was very healthy and the water was also clean .I soon cracked the mystery it was one of those snails which died two days ago had changed the ph of water with its fluids and this caused the death of my beauties for those sensitive cuties water ph must be maintained constant .I was happy because i saved two other angels and quarantined them.

Jewish singles

Hi to all my Jewish friends around the world I have an interesting post for you all. If you are an Jew and you are single then you need not worry about it here is a site for you all Jewish Singles.In this site you can interact with your opposite sex singles and can have a date .so friends if you are single and looking for a date try this site. Have a fun filled day.


hi folks yesterday I saw a fish in local aquarium its name is archer fish actually the name comes from its hunting style it hunts small insects hanging in the tree branches by spitting water as in the photo and brings it down .it has a great capability in hunting that no other fish has it also has a n eye which can compensate refraction under the water.


Hi friends good morning today I have an interesting post for those who all own a blog or website. Being the owner of a blog or a site we need to know the statistics and reviews of our website. I was in search of this kind of website to give User Website Reviewsand found one and it is one of the Top Websites to give reviews of websites. In this website we can get reviews for our own sites and it covers several countries sites, it also allows users to discuss in their forums. So friends give it a try and know about your site.


Today is my best friend Bari s birth day but we are not going to have a blast as he is in his hometown and will celebrate it alone in his house actually me and Bari share a great rapport among ourselves and he cracks a lot of jokes in sad times and make us feel better hope he continues this way and have a rocking life many cheers to Bari.

EZU unsecured financing

hi people today I was searching jobs from various job portals and suddenly got an idea of starting business and my next thought was how to arrange money to start a business and I thought of getting Small Business Loan from any one and start a business and it will be a good idea as I don’t have that much money to invest had a deep thought on getting a loan and asked my friends about it and my friends referred me a website which offers Small Business Loans to who are interested in starting a business. I went to that site and discovered that they have a great amount of experience in Small Business Financing and they are giving loans for expanding business and giving consultation on what type of loans to get and in lower interests. So friends give it a try if you arte in need of loans.


Hi friend’s good morning today my post is about trade shows. I’m writing this because yesterday i went to an trade expo and so I’m writing this. Now a days trade exhibitions are held all over the city in a very large scale and it is very helpful for the common people as all the products are available in the same place. I went to one trade exhibition and it was amazing.
In the trade show I saw a lot of beautiful stalls and in each stall they had tables and beautiful table covers on it so as to attract the customers to their stall each stall had a unique table top displays also all of them are beautiful and I thought why they are spending money on articles like this but these things are necessary to attract customers and to have good business .I came home and searched the websites for buying these trade show exhibits and I found it to be so interesting it had helped lot of companies to attract customers and their clients are ranging from fortune 500 to small business .so friends if u need trade show exhibits and accessories try this site. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lion head

Friends the picture above is a lion headed goldfish this gold fish is one of the beautiful creatures in aquarium. First this caught in the wild and was identified by Linnaeus .It is exported to the European countries and Japan and now there are about 125 different species in aquatic life. Now it no longer exists in wild and only captive bred species are there around the world.

Catholic match

Hi to catholic people around the world here is an interesting post about Catholic Girls.I just got this site when I was using my search engine I went to this site and then only I came to know that it has various interesting things in it .It is a good place for all the Catholics around the world to meet and discuss things in chat rooms also we can find eligible singles for the date .so friends go and visit this site and have fun making friends.


Today I’m going to type about the thing from which I’m typing now yes it is the keyboard. The key board I’m using is Samsung multimedia keyboard which is been a part of my life for these three years it has helped me in typing e mails .text documents playing games and much more cant imagine a situation without a keyboard how to use a computer so keyboard is one of the main parts in opening a world of wonders.

Missouri Sex Offenders

hi people around the world a very good morning to all .Here is an interesting post about Locate Missouri Sex Offenders. Nowadays due to the changing culture of people they fell prey to bad habits and one such serious thing is sex offendence. So people from Missouri State you better go and check this site so that you can be aware of those sex offenders in the state and you can prohibit them from your reach. Have a safe and prosperous life.

Education abroad

Hi friends I need to discuss with you important topic students from developing countries going to developed countries to have their higher education. Is this correct? My opinion is no the home country spends so much on your primary level and elementary level education and we people go abroad for higher studies and forgetting about mother nation. So friends think about it.

Tattoo lovers

Hi friends today I saw a program in television regarding tattoos .In that program the y had shown various tribal people and till to date modern generation people having tattoos in their body so I went to my search engine and searched about tattoos and I got this site Tattooed Singles for tattoo lovers. And it had a lot of things in it we can also chat with the fellow tattoo lovers from around the world and also we can find a date with the tattooed singles .so friends if you love to have a tattooed person as a date go click this site and find one .Have a nice day.

weight reduction

Hi friends good morning. Today my topic is weight reduction .why do you want to reduce weights? we should reduce weight so that unnecessary fats in our body to be reduced also if we maintain correct weight then no disease will come to us .if we didn’t maintain our body correctly certain diseases like obesity, diabetes and other cardiac diseases will come so in order to prevent it we should reduce our weight and maintain our body.


Hi friends here is a post about laptops .Laptops are the best and easiest way to do your work on the move now a days laptops are more common like desktop pc s and everyone from students to business people are using it for various purposes so the need for laptops are on the rise and as technology advances the laptops performance also increases and so the demands also raise’s .I also wanted to buy a laptop next month so i browsed different sites and the one website I found it the best is laptop. Here in this website you can have a view of all the companies laptops their prices and their configurations .this site has a variety of laptops so that it is very difficult to choose in between them .it has laptops in various ranges from expensive to the cheapest laptops. We can also have comparison between the laptops and can be bought easily through credit card .so friends if you are in need of a laptop go click this website and buy one .have a nice day folks.


Photography is an art to learn with and not all has the ability and interest to take photographs .An ordinary thing can also be shown as a beautiful thing only in photograph we should have a great artistic sense to take a good photograph. All you need to do is to buy a camera and start clicking whatever seems to be beautiful to you.

Marriage License Records

Hi friend’s good morning I’m really glad to write a post onMarriage License Records.This website has information’s about all the marriage records of individuals in the United States. This website is using latest technology to search the names so that it is fast and reliable. One can search for the marriage records of an individual just by entering state, county or even zip code .All the details will be displayed in seconds so friends next time when you search for a marriage record go search for it using this site.

Mealey amazon

This pet bird is called mealy Amazon and it is one of the cutest exotic birds in the world .this bird s origin is from panama and some parts of Brazil. It lives in thick rain forests and is a great companion for any one. It can be tamed easily and make a good pet for life time.

Picture frames

Nowadays everyone takes picture with their latest digital cameras .this invention of digital cameras has made everyone to take pictures of their life s memorable moments so one has to keep all his important photos in album or frame in order to maintain it and have it for a long period. So one such way to keep your photos safely is to keep it in picture frames .so when I thought of buying a digital picture frame the website came in my mind is Picture frames.friends using this website you can compare various sizes and various types of frames and their prices. This site has the world’s largest screen in photo frames and one can view different formats of photographs like jpeg, gif also it plays lovely music in the background. We can also have a slide show of photos in these digital frames .also these digital photo frames offered by this site can play videos of different formats like mp4 and Avi. We can also insert our flash memory device or memory cards of different formats init and view the photos. So friends hurry up and grab a digital photo frame from this site and have your life’s memorable moments safely and also it makes a perfect gift for your better half or even a married couple.So friends go and grab your best picture frames today.




Hi friend here is an interesting post about a weight reducing pill. Nowadays people are very much concerned about their weight and looks. Especially if they are in love are going to get married soon they will tend to loose weights in order to maintain their looks for that many people does not have time to go to gym and workout for hours together rather than they tend to use pills to reduce their fats and unnecessary weights so that they look fit and also continue their daily works for this one must need pill that has no side effects and good reduction of fats. Here I give one site which offers many good fat reducing pills like Phentermine. this pill has to be taken in empty stomach  before breakfast and it is also very effective when combined with the correct diet .it should be taken regularly for 3 to 4 weeks period. So friend if u are in need of weight reduction pill try this out .have a nice day.



Hi friend’s today I’m going to discuss a hot topic that is the world’s economy .Is the world’s economy keeps raising? Obviously no certain countries have the stable state but most of the countries have tilted economy due to the negligence act of the super powers. Today Lehman bank and aig bank had a huge downfall and Lehman bank is in the verge of lockdown. This has its effects on other countries too .May we all pray and hope this situation will change to normal state .have a nice day.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Hello friends just when I was searching for a exact website for Asian peoples to meet and chat I came across Asian Singles  .this site is absolute gift for all the Asians around the world to meet and chat and discuss various topics .It also has many forums which allows it s users to discuss specific topics it is also a great site for singles who are in need of a date especially Asian singles. So friends reading this if u want an Asian single to date try this website it’s amazing. Have a nice day friends. 

My favourite singer

hello friends today my post is about my favorite singer he is none other than akon.His real name is Aliaune thiam and he is a Senegalese American .he is also hip hop and R&B song writer I like him because most of his songs are about love and peace his songs have black peoples status and their improvement in underline so I like his songs very much especially locked up and smack that.



Hi friends when I was just browsing various sites I came across a website Black Women .It is for the black peoples to meet and date. In this web site all the blacks from different countries can come together and meet in a common place and share their ideas and if possible they can find a new partner to date also .This is a good idea for all the blacks who are in search of a date. Friends who read this go and give it a try. Have a nice day.

bad day

Hi people today is a very bad day for me as I had done nothing but watching television and sitting in front of the computer and checking whether there is any ppp offers but I had taught some of my friends to start a blog and to increase its traffic. One sad thing is my friend vinoth s four gorgeous angels died today which is a very sad thing. Anyways everything is for good and hope tomorrow is a good day for us all. God bless us all.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


hi friends as u all are aware that orkut is a social networking site and it is started some where in 2003 .I joined this website in 2005 and from that day on I have found a lot of friends in it .I will tell some of the interesting facts about orkut actually orkut is the name of the person who found it. His name is orkut buyukkokten and he is a German and a college student he started his website just like that and soon it became very popular and he is struggling for maintaining it and when he thought of closing the site Google came to him and paid 2 billion$ to undertake his website.


Friends here is a interesting post on web hosting .internet is a vast media and it is a good platform to express our ideas for that we need a good website or a blog. Nowadays many are having separate domains for their own purpose for that we need a good web hosting rating and one such website I found has all the capabilities to be called as the best site for web hosting .For beginners it will be a good site as it has various hosting platforms ranging from Unix, windows and VPS .you also can refer the article section of the site for reference and further information’s. also this website has got many awards for hosting like best budget hosting, best blog hosting .For users who do not want a website and only a blog it is also available there .so friends spare some time to visit this site if your are planning to start a website or blog as it is one among the top rated sites in this category .You can also search this website using your search engines and it will be displayed in the top .so friends what are you waiting for? go grab your domain from the top rated host. Have a good day.



Today is Sunday and I went to church and attended prayer services and met some of my new friends after the mass. I came home and watched the news and I’m very shocked that more than thirty people died of bomb blast in India’s capital Delhi .what the hell is going on in this country? Many are dying in starvation and many are dying in terrorist attacks.



Hi friends as you all are using the internet u might have heard about online shopping, online trading etc online shopping makes your life much easier as no body has time to go out and shop for things in the store online shopping helps them a lot especially to buy jewelry and things .in a busy schedule of life style no one has time to buy things as they want for example take watches if we want to buy a watch we have to take in consideration like brand ,design, style, quality  etc for these things we can go online and search for it and pick up a correct one as we wish and immediately we can buy it from that relevant website. If one website has all the products in it ranging from jewelry to watches it will be easier and immediately we will choose that website as our favorite I also discovered one such website like that to buy watches. Also my friend told me about one website to buy jewelry and I’m yet to try that. Online shopping makes us happy and also makes us to shop on the move using the modern technology.



happy today

I was really happy today as I got offers from blogvertise and payperpost after a very long patience and hard work is rewarded actually.I feel so happy about it and i wil make it to the top one day.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Hi people today I was learning about Jewish people and their culture from various sites and came across Jewish Chat Rooms .I was very curious and went to that site and realized that it is the place for all the Jews and they can interact easily from all over the world. They can share ideas and keep in touch through this site. Also they can discuss various issues among themselves in the forums and express their ideas.



This cute dog has been with me for past 1 year and it is very good in guarding my house.It is a male dog and it is very loyal and furious too.It barks all through the night and keeps all the strangers away from our street.


Hi friends today I was just browsing the internet and came across a new site named  BBW CHAT CITY .Nowadays there are many chat websites but this site seems to be good we can have friends through chatting with these chat rooms. We can discuss about anything and also put our views and reviews on separate forums created.



Hi folks today morning I got up and checked my computer and to my surprise I finished downloading two films and I checked my mailbox and it showed pay per post approval and I was very happy to see that and I wrote my first paid post am going to start earning hurray I am so happy now. my hard work and my patience are rewarded.


Hi friends this title may look scary but it is not so .it is a chat website and is very popular among peoples of different countries the Vampire Chat City has many subscribed users and we can get many friends by chatting in it. It also has webcam broadcasting services so that we can show our pictures and live actions to our friends. We can interact with many friends from different countries by using this website.


sulfur crested cocktoo

This is sulfur crested cockatoo and it is one of the wisest and intelligent cockatoo it is originated from Australia and the picture u see is from my friend jai s hand .He is a bird trader from Chennai and he has a lot of birds in his farm we will see one by one daily.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today is the day thousand s of innocents died because of negligence and hypocritical acts of a  foolish ruler ruling a powerful country let us all pray for those souls to rest in peace.

my new additions

Today I went with my friend to Moore market in Chennai and bought a pair of apple snails and marble angles which are added to my aquarium today.Moore market which is one of the largest dealers in chennai for decades long in pets .

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