Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hi friends as you all are using the internet u might be aware of online shopping, online trading etc online shopping makes life much easier and simple nobody has time to go out and shop for things in the store as they spend most of the time in office online shopping helps them a lot especially to buy jewelry and other merchandise .in a busy schedule of life style no one has time to buy things as they want for example take watches if we want to buy a watch we have to go to a shop and to take in consideration like brand ,design, style, quality etc those things will not be available in a single shop so we have to search 1 or more shops to buy what we desire, for these things we can go online and search for it and pick up a correct one as we wish and immediately we can buy it from that relevant website. If one website has all the products in it ranging from jewelry to watches it will be easier and immediately we will choose that website as our favorite I also discovered one such website like that to buy watches. Also my friend told me about one website to buy jewelry and I’m yet to try that. Online shopping makes us happy and also makes us to shop on the move using the modern technology.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Hi friends a very good morning to all .today I’m going to tell about my experience on buying a laptop. My friend has got a job in a software company and they had posted him in another state which is far from our city so he decided to buy a laptop for his use as it will be easy tom carry during the shifting process we both made lot of enquiries searched lot of sites and analyzed the use of laptops and finally bought a laptop for our convenience or should say which convinced us .so I’ll tell you what all we did to get our desired laptop which will be helpful to at least some.
First of all we should look for our need why should I buy a laptop than a desktop? .if you are a person who hardly uses computer and for only mail checking purpose you don’t need a laptop. If you are a business man, media person who constantly travel s places laptop is a boon and is a essential one to keep in touch with others and do daily routines .once the prices of laptops are very high and it was a golden apple to all mid level economical class but now due to the advent of many technology and competition among companies the prices of laptops have been brought down nearly to its counterpart desktops. Now there are lot of companies like Apple, HP, dell, Toshiba, lenova etc and a lot of configurations so that we can choose accordingly.
First of all we should see these things before buying laptop 1.weight and portability the main thing we should buy the least weight 2.hard drive size 3. Chip speed and RAM speed 4.battery life the most important thing 5.wifi and other network connection facilities .no of pots for external accessories.
The pros and cons of a laptop are:
1. Portability
2. Compact
3. Ready to use anywhere

1. Battery life
2. Durability
3. Processing speed
In short we should analyze the pros and cons and if the pros are more for the individual then only he should go for laptops. Do some researches on internet before you buy and enjoy.
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