Thursday, May 29, 2008

college life

hi folks,
this is my first post, so im starting it with my college life as i finished my college very recently, i studied electrical and electronics engineering in St.joseph's college of engineering in chennai as u know it is one of the jeppiar institutions and a bit strict than other colleges but a very good college to develop ur knowledge.As many of us dont know about our life i ll explain it in detailed manner our college life is different from others we dont have much time to enjoy and we ll have to wear formal's and be regular in our academics its was bit tough at the begining of the course and as we move on we get used to it and now we feel that all the rules and strictness are for our welfare. only also its a bit sad now to leave the college as we have more responsibilities and no friends as in college but as time changes we have to move on and its time for next phase of life.

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love is a special disease..... said...

machi it is gud to hav a blog of our own but see to that u keep posting thngs and make it interesting for others. gud luk

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