Friday, May 30, 2008


hi friends today is anti tobacco day and my aim in this post is who so ever reads this should quit smoking its not that much easy but now a new method called 'ALLEN CARR' method had been successful in this over 10 million people around the world had stopped smoking to know more about this method refer allen carr  but in our country ironically those addicted to cigarettes are likely to smoke twice as much before consuming tobacco not only means smoking cigarette but also its all forms like pan masala,cigar everything smoking along with drinking alcohol gives severe effects by smoking not only u get affected but also your family, children and whoever is close to u get affected in INDIA according to a survey 25000 people are affected by a disease or death everyday this shows the seriousness of the subject even passive smokers are badly affected by cancer that too only youth like us are addicted to smoking so all of us should join our hands in eradicating this habit for that first you should 'STOP SMOKING'.

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