Thursday, September 25, 2008


Friends who love pets I have a good news for you a great lover of pets and I have a lot of pets in my home from dogs, birds to fishes for the past 18 years .from my experience In keeping dogs they are a very good companion and there is no doubt about it and we have to take care of it very well because they are prone to disease quickly. We have to administer vaccines at the correct time and have to feed it with right food to keep the dogs healthy .and some variety of dogs need attention daily and they need more care .if we didn’t see it for a couple of days they become ill and will make the place nasty and will become ferocious. It is also necessary to give training to dogs so that they become tame and will be friendly .even though we spend a lot of time in taking care of our dogs certain disease will attack them .continuous tearing is one of them. It is the dogs eye will tear continuously and those tears will make a stain in their eyes which will make our pets ugly .I also had an experience of it with my dog and I used Angel Eyes Pet Tear Stain Eliminator . this medicine is so effective and it removed the stains quickly it is also effective for cats. So friends if you have a pet buy this medicine and keep it with you.

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