Wednesday, July 2, 2008

major mitchelle cockatoo(Lophocroa leadbeateri)

Hi friends from today onwards I will put post about one exotic pet everyday to start with couple of days before I heard about lead beaters cockatoo or major Mitchell cockatoo then I surfed the net about it and found many fascinating details about it .actually this is the only variety of cockatoos which lacks melanin carotene in its body resulting in lighter coloration these birds originate from Australia of course result of evolution from the mainland cut off from continents it favors woody lands and probably acclaimed universally as most beautiful of all cockatoos and parrots surprisingly my friend has bought this exciting birds couple of days before I’m proud that a Chennai lad has bought this and heard from him that his price is whooping 11 lakh rupees phew ! it is listed as endangered species in Victorian province and only few has this bird as pet in the whole world and only a less than hundred specimens only available now kudos to binu .

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